Top Makeup Tricks to Look Younger than You Actually Are

One of the main reasons for a woman to apply makeup on her face is to cover the signs of her real age. Even though beauty is the most desired final effect, never underestimate the factor of youth as your general priority in your appearance, as well. There are many ways professional makeup artists as well as the most famous …

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The Best Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes You Can Find

  According to what your face type is, as well as what facial features you were born with, you choose both – makeup products and makeup application styles. Thus, in case you have oily skin, liquid foundation is something you probably replace with powder, and if your lips are too dry, you always pre-treat them with some balm. Eyes are something we …

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How to Easily Turn Your Day Makeup into Evening Makeup

Imagine this situation – you are at work and your friends call you to let you know that tonight you’re going out. The problem is that you finish work at 6:30 pm, but you need to be ready until 7:30 pm. You know that you don’t have much time because you’ll need some time to get home and start preparing. …

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