Skin Care

Natural Look with DIY Tinned Moisturizer

You can get the natural look you want and at the same time hide all the imperfections you don’t like. When you mix some of the moisturizer you use with a little bit of concealer you can have a mixture you can apply on your face and it works just well as a B&B cream. Because you prepare it yourself, you …

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Ultimate Guide for Flawless Makeup

The flawless makeup is something every girl and woman want. The question here, though, is how some women can do it, but others always fail and appear either like clowns, or like sick people in the end? The answer is simple – you need to know how to apply and achieve this flawless makeup style. There are few techniques and …

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100% Effective Makeup Tips for Pale Skin

When it comes to makeup, your natural complexion shade must be the base you start with. Regardless of whether you’re trying to look more radiant in the office, or you’re looking for some original evening makeup, pale skin might become a slight problem for you. We do realize that pale skin is something too out of fashion, but never forget that …

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