Top Essential Makeup Tools You Must Have

 Makeup Tools

Many new makeup tools and application helpers have arrived at the beauty market. However, no matter how innovative and cool they are, you should at first consider the basics for you makeup kit. There are several essential makeup tools you must have and without them no makeup idea will be realized no matter how awesome you are in color or beauty product selection and matching. Check out what your makeup kit should consist of now!

1. Eyelash curler

 Makeup Tools

Some girls are blessed with extra long and dense eyelashes! However, even if you’re one of them, you will still have to use an eyelash curler to highlight your outstanding look. If you’ve never used such a tool yet (I know many girls who are yet a bit frightened of this surgeon-like instrument), browse YouTube where there are thousands of videos with eyelash curler application tutorials!

2. Wedge sponges

 Makeup Tools

Forget about the old-fashioned way to apply foundation directly with your fingers. Such an approach ruins both your makeup and your clothes which will immediately get colored by your foundation. Wedge sponges are better for the application and they do not leave any stains on you!

3. Multifunctional brush

Makeup Tools

Instead of having dozens of makeup brushes and trying to figure out how to use them, better purchase a single multifunctional brush. It is superb for eye makeup, as well as for radiant glowing powder application. Besides, you can put it directly in your purse and refresh yourself when you need to!

4. Tweezers

Makeup Tools

Even if you have your eyebrows plucked by a professionalist, it’s always a good idea to have tweezers at hand! Be aware that there are periods when hair grows too fast – and the same applies to the eyebrows; and you wouldn’t like to go to the beautician twice a week, right?

5. Eyeshadow applicators

Makeup Tools

Every woman should have at least two of them. Why two? Well, in most cases eye makeup consists of at least two shades. If you do not follow this rule, simply use one of the applicators for the light tones and the other one for the dark ones, so they won’t get wasted too quickly!

6. Ordinary cotton

Makeup Tools

Cotton is the best product you should touch your face with when you’re trying to get rid of those mascara remains on your eyelids or that lipstick out of your lips. Makeup removal is also better to be done with a good toxic-free lotion and some piece of cotton than with a wet wipe.

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