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Hot 2019 Makeup Ideas for Every Girl

2019 is here with all of it glamour. This fall-winter season you can be brave and beautiful. You can take some old makeup tips and be innovative. How come? We will show you in the following rows. 1. Sun kissed look The summer is ready to go, but it can stay longer on your face. This sounds amazing, right? You …

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Travel guide: 5 must makeup products to put on your bag

If you are a girl who love to travel, this article will sound you very familiar. This travel guide will help you to collect your makeup products fastly and put everything on place in your bag. Travel is never a matter of money but of courage and passion- makeup, too. 5 must makeup products on your bag: 1. Moisturizing cream …

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Highlighted Looks – Or Fake Beauty? The Plastic Surgery Question

All you have to do is pick up any beauty magazine to see how people feel about plastic surgery. There is always some news about a celebrity’s “new look” thanks to plastic surgery. There are a few things that everyone should consider when they are considering plastic surgery. If it is noticeable that you have had plastic surgery than you …

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A Quick History of Makeup

Makeup might seem like a new beauty trend, but it can actually be traced to ancient times. This means that makeup has existed almost as long as humans. However, in the past makeup had different uses and there were different beauty standards that were followed. Eye shadow as we know it know or MAC brushes have not always been in …

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Perfume – the Invisible Accessory

In perfumes there is delight for women of all ages and walks of life. Fragrance is a synonym for indulgence, luxury, attractiveness and it is among the sensual pleasures. In ancient times it was the premise of rich and elite people and it started with burning incense and praying to the ancients. Nowadays there are different ingredients, which constitute the …

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Beauties Before And After Makeup

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. Most TV shows mislead women to think that TV stars have perfect skin. In reality they have faces dotted by freckles, shining from suaveness, and ordinary like the rest of us. But with a little foundation everything changes. Women add powder to their complexion, and underline their cheeks with light rouge, and …

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Makeup Products That Should Never Leave Your Purse!

They say you can find anything in a woman’s purse and it’s not a secret to anyone that it’s a real mess there. Among all those handkerchiefs, wallets, smartphones and other modern devices, there must be, though, a certain place for your makeup tools. Getting dressed and beautified before work is not enough to keep yourself as fresh as a daisy during …

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The Outstanding Makeup Tips That Will Change Your Life and Look Forever!

Every girl and even every woman needs some help for her makeup. There is no doubt as to this, because even if you believe that you’re doing well in this field, there are always some tricks you can learn and change your look forever. What we have for you is a superb and ultimate pack of life-changing makeup tips! Read them, because …

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