Foundation or BB cream – Buy Both!

We can give you one good makeup advice – have both products in your shopping bag. This way depends on the situation you will be able to decide which one to choose. Let`s review the main characteristics of the products: BB cream – you want to give your skin a break from makeup, but still want some coverage when you go …

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Say Yes to The Prom – 2020 Makeup Ideas

 ‘Looking at my own prom photograph reminds me of how significant that moment was – and how fleeting life is’ – Mary Ellen Mark, famous icon in modern photography. This is one of the most pleasant events one young girl or boy can experience. Let`s prepare together for this important day. Imagine you already have the desired dress and now …

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How to Keep Your Spirit During Quarantine – Fashion, Makeup, Nails, etc.

Dear ladies, we know that this time is extremaly hard for everyone, but following the rules will simplify the situation. To keep your mood alive at home, create a positive routine that will make you happy. If you work from home, do not wear the whole day pyjamas – instead of this, pick up something comfortable and sport-elengant from your …

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Appropriate Makeup And Hairstyle For Home Office Meetings

2020 started really unpredictably. Unfortunately, all of the countries population expiriences Coronavirus disease who tooks lifes. The economy started struggling and the situation needs special attention and political decisions. Many companies gave home office as opportunity to their employees. It has advantages and disadvantages. Let`s focus on the bright side of this and talk more about the appropriate makeup and …

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2019 Christmas Makeup Ideas for You and Your Lovely Friends

Say welcome to the new holiday season … Sparkling eye shadows Put some sparkling and colorful eye shadows. It is Christmas, be brave and happy! “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” Red lipstick Do not hesitate and put red lipstick on your face. After all, Christmas is all about …

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10 Gorgeous and Universal Makeup Ideas for Every Eyes

Every eyes are beautiful, special and stunning – no matter blue, green, brown, brown with yellowish, etc. There are some useful and universal makeup tricks every woman needs to know. Eyes tricks – depends on the shape of the eye, every lady can see what is the best makeup for her. If you have big eyes, highlight them with eyeliner …

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Hot 2019 Makeup Ideas for Every Girl

2019 is here with all of it glamour. This fall-winter season you can be brave and beautiful. You can take some old makeup tips and be innovative. How come? We will show you in the following rows. 1. Sun kissed look The summer is ready to go, but it can stay longer on your face. This sounds amazing, right? You …

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Travel guide: 5 must makeup products to put on your bag

If you are a girl who love to travel, this article will sound you very familiar. This travel guide will help you to collect your makeup products fastly and put everything on place in your bag. Travel is never a matter of money but of courage and passion- makeup, too. 5 must makeup products on your bag: 1. Moisturizing cream …

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Christmas Makeup Ideas For Winter 2016

People say that the magic of Christmas is not in the presents, but in his presence. This is the most aweited period of the year when everyone is so excited and joyous. Mеn and women buy things for their beloved relatives. But you should think about yourself, too. The magic of Christmas is a good mood, a charming smile and …

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Best Makeup Tips for Winter 2016. Winter Is Coming!

Every girl knows that winter is the most hostile season for her face. Because of the cold weather skin starts to peel and fingers become rought. So, ladies, you must include some products on your cosmetic list – a hand cream and a lotion which will prevent dryness in the skin. When you have these necessary products, you are ready …

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