3 Steps for the Perfect Smoky Eye


perfect smoky eye

Do you want smoldering and blazing eyes that capture the attention of others? If you want to have an eye look that excites and entices, you need to know how to create the perfect smoky eye. It is a lot easier than you might think to get this trendy eye makeup look. You do not have to be a professional makeup artist to master the smoky eye. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. This will allow you to achieve the smoky eye look for everyday wear. Here are the easy 3 steps that you can follow to create the perfect smoky eye every time:

Charcoal Powder Above Lid

perfect smokey eye

The first thing that you need to do is to use a medium brush to apply a small amount of charcoal powder above the crease of your eyelid. You want to apply this power in an arch shape just above the crease. The trick is to blend the powder down when you are applying it using a downward motion with the brush. This is the first step, but it is the key. The powder might look light, but it is the key step when trying to create a smoky eye.


Tracing Lash Lines

perfect smoky eye

The next step when creating the smoky eye involves tracing your lash lines. You should start with the upper lash line and use a black eyeliner to trace it. The trick is to smudge the line that you have made once you have traced the upper lash line. Smudging it is what allows for the smoky effect. You should use a small brush to put a gunmetal shade on your lower lash line. It is also important to smudge this line after you have applied it as well.

Corners and Mascara Application

perfect smoky eye

The final step in the smoky eye creation process is to add a little shine to the corner of your eyes. You should use a silver powder that is a bit pale as the color that you apply to the inner corners of your eyes. This will contrast well with the dark colors that you have applied earlier to your lash lines. Once you have applied the lighter powder for a brightening effect, you can then apply the mascara. Make sure to add a few coats of mascara to really help add to the drama of your eye look.

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