Easy Steps to Make Your Makeup Transformation


makeup transformation

We all want to look perfect and hide the imperfections when we get out of the house. Well, now looking perfect is really easy. The right makeup can transform your look and make you look breathtakingly beautiful. You just need to follow a few simple steps to make your makeup transformation. Let’s look at the easy steps needed for your makeup transformation:

1. Hide the dark circles: Choose a moisturizer with SPF and apply it on your face. Now, use a concealer on blemishes and under eye circles. Choose a shade that almost matches your skin tone. Do not choose a shade lighter as it would look too much white under your eyes. Use a pointed concealer brush and apply in little stripes.

2. Touch of base: A touch of base would result in the perfect makeup transformation. Draw thick lines in your cheek bones, sides of the nose and above your eyebrows using a stick. Blend it properly with your fingers.

3. Blush:

makeup transformation

Use a cream blush instead of sculpting your cheekbones with powder and brush. A cream blush would give you that perfect glow-from-within effect. Apply to your cheeks and then blend it towards your temples gently with your fingers. Bright and bold hues can make you look natural.

4. Shimmery eye base: For a great eye makeup that can result in the makeup transformation, apply a shimmery cream shadow from your lash lines to brow bones using your finger. If you are fair, then you should try the silvery white shade. A champagne color looks better for medium and dark skin tones. You can use the shimmery color onto the inner corners of your eyes for a dazzling effect.


5. Intensify the eye makeup:

makeup transformation

Use gold cream and bronze shadows to give your eyes more intensity. Use a flat shadow brush and apply the shade in your creases. Smudge it with your fingers down over the lids. The color should look totally blended and there should not be any harsh lines. You can use a gold shade under your eyes to give it a luminous effect.

6. Define your eyes with mascara: Use two coats of mascara on top and bottom focusing mainly on the outer lashes. Your eyes would look defined on the application of mascara.

7. Get perfect lips:

makeup transformation

Apply lip balm if your lips are dry or chapped. Now use a strawberry-color lipstick and apply it to the center of your lips. Blend it properly over your lips evenly. For extra shine, add a layer of gloss.

These are the simple and easy steps to make your makeup transformation. Try it today to get the perfect look.

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