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How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick to Compliment Your Hair Color

The perfect shade of lipstick is not always easy to find, putting on the wrong shade can wash out your face or make you look like a clown. This means that you need to consider your hair color when you are choosing just the right shade of lipstick to wear. You can’t tell what shade will look best based on …

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The Busy Girl’s Guide to Fast Makeup for College

Going to college opens up a world of a whole lot of new experiences and adventures, making it a very exciting time for everyone. However, this is also the time when everyone gets so busy that finding the time to even take care of one’s self becomes difficult. Physical beauty isn’t the top priority in college but let’s face it …

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What Is Your Personality According to Your Lipstick Color?

Lipstick is the accessory no woman leaves the house without. In your favorite color, it always completes your look, and adds more individuality. However, this is not all; it turns out, your favorite color reveals your personality. So, which one is yours? Sparkling pink lipstick If you prefer glaring pink shades for your lipstick, you are a cheerful person and your …

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