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How to Keep Your Spirit During Quarantine – Fashion, Makeup, Nails, etc.

Dear ladies, we know that this time is extremaly hard for everyone, but following the rules will simplify the situation. To keep your mood alive at home, create a positive routine that will make you happy. If you work from home, do not wear the whole day pyjamas – instead of this, pick up something comfortable and sport-elengant from your …

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Appropriate Makeup And Hairstyle For Home Office Meetings

2020 started really unpredictably. Unfortunately, all of the countries population expiriences Coronavirus disease who tooks lifes. The economy started struggling and the situation needs special attention and political decisions. Many companies gave home office as opportunity to their employees. It has advantages and disadvantages. Let`s focus on the bright side of this and talk more about the appropriate makeup and …

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2019 Christmas Makeup Ideas for You and Your Lovely Friends

Say welcome to the new holiday season … Sparkling eye shadows Put some sparkling and colorful eye shadows. It is Christmas, be brave and happy! “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” Red lipstick Do not hesitate and put red lipstick on your face. After all, Christmas is all about …

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Meeting His Parents for the First Time…What Makeup Should I Wear?

Awkwardness, lots of worries and so much shame for nothing… These are only parts of the complex feelings you feel when you face the inevitable first meeting with his parents. It’s scary for some women and it’s so embarrassing to others. Personally I do not even understand what’s the point of getting so stressed about this meeting. Sooner or later it …

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The Worst Makeup Mistakes You Might Still Be Doing


When you were a girl, probably your first steps in makeup were not that successful as today. However, with time women get experienced enough to put on their makeup every morning and every time before going out as it is a general routine like breathing or eating. Still, a research has shown that even women with great experience in makeup tend to …

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Now You Can Make a Softer Line

It looks great when you apply liquid liner over your eyelids because it really helps define the eyes. However, for this purpose you have to know how to make it perfectly. If it’s not applied in a proper way, the imperfections can be easily seen and then the whole look is not as nice as we’d like it to be.

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