Meeting His Parents for the First Time…What Makeup Should I Wear?



Awkwardness, lots of worries and so much shame for nothing… These are only parts of the complex feelings you feel when you face the inevitable first meeting with his parents. It’s scary for some women and it’s so embarrassing to others. Personally I do not even understand what’s the point of getting so stressed about this meeting. Sooner or later it will happen after all. And if you show the best of yours, you’ll definitely get the approval you’re actually longing for. But here’s where you need to consider one extra important thing – what’s the most appropriate appearance. You know those sullen moms that do not want to give their little sons away. And you also know those mothers who are more obsessed by fashion than their son’s girlfriend… Some of these mothers is your potential mother-in-law. So, make sure you follow my tips as to what makeup to wear during the first meeting with his parents!

1. Complexion is natural, but not shimmering, extra dark or oily…


The liquid foundation is messy, and the shimmering face of yours will attract your boyfriend’s father’s attention too much, so the mum will eventually start hating you – and for a reason. The makeup here is supposed to be quite natural. So, better choose some matte or creamy foundation or better go for a good covering powder. No mother would like his son to date a woman that’s too young to have pimps or too old to have as many wrinkles as she does…


2. Eye makeup is simple and gentle for this occasion!


Those cat-eye looks you’ve conquered his heart with months ago will not work with his parents. Actually, nothing too dramatic or baby-doll-like will work. The eye makeup is supposed to be very, very precise. What I mean is to wear mascara and to highlight your eye shape. Please, avoid pink and blue and if your eyes are not green, do not choose Reseda or purple, either. The best idea here is the smokey makeup (light one!) in grey in case the meeting is in the evening and a bit of your brown eye shadows for lunch.

3. The lipstick can ruin your first meeting with his parents…


The thing with the lipstick is even more important than everything we’ve already said. Well, here’s where I cannot give you the precise answer, because in most cases his parents probably will not like any kind of lipstick on your month. Wondering why? It’s just that their intuition will speak instead of the words that come out of your lips. They will always think only about you kissing their son with these lips. So, no shimmering, no gloss, no classical red or vanguard plump is OK here. Maybe, peach will save your life and love!

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  1. I think the way you guys do make up is superb it is so pretty I wish I could do my makeup like that!

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