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Fast Tricks to Remove Your Black Dots

Many men and women suffer with different imperfections on their skin ranging from skin tags to black dots. At times some of these skin difficulties aren’t a result of lifestyle choices, but instead are because of genetics. If you’re dealing with black dots or dark spots on your face, it could be simple to remedy them at home or you …

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Makeup and Facial Skin Treatment during Pregnancy

Dear future mummies, I know you’re a little bit scared that your body has been changing and everything you used to wear just doesn’t look the same way now, but don’t worry. These things are completely normal. Pregnancy brings many changes to your body due to hormone changes, but this doesn’t mean you’ll never be beautiful again. On the contrary – …

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The Useful Cool Makeup Tips We Have Learnt From Our Sweet Moms

A mother is a girl’s best friend. This is a fact no one will disagree with. And even when the little girl grows up and becomes a woman, she yet remembers all her mother’s pieces of advice and all guides for numerous fields and spheres in life – including beauty tips. Personally I am completely positive for the statement that …

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