Keep Your Makeup Products Safe and Preserved Via These Ways!



Entering beauty shops too often is definitely not healthy. And this is not just a statement of your spouse or financial consultant. We also agree that spending too much money on makeup products is pointless. Why bother if you can keep your makeup tools and items for a longer time? So, from now on keep your makeup products safe and preserved via these ways!

1.  Find out how long you can keep the products


If opened, every single cosmetic item – whether liquid foundation or a powder – lasts for a different period of time! Thus, the shelf-life of an opened concealer is up to two years, but an eyeliner will last about half a year. Occasionally, check out the expiry date. Also, if you like something to last longer, keep it in a cool place.

2. Never let any makeup product opened


First of all, it will get dry almost immediately, and second, if your lipstick, for instance, contains some natural ingredients, they’ll spoil too soon and you might get some allergic reaction due to your neglected attitude.

3. Makeup routine – out of the bathroom


The more you keep your beauty products in the bathroom, the faster they they’ll spoil. Humidity, as well as the heat coming from the steam and the constant change of temperature damages all kinds of makeup products, but mostly eye shadows, mascaras, foundations and eye liners.


4. Sharpen the pencils after every application


Once you’ve finished with your eyebrow or eye pencil, sharpen it again. This will keep it intact and fresh for a longer time. This is very convenient, because the next time you need the pencil, it won’t need sharpening.

5. Do not touch your powder makeup products with your hands


Not only the facial powder, but also the eye shadows will get wasted too fast in case you often touch and use them with your own hands. Why doing so and getting yourself dirty, when you have brushes or sponges?

6. Do not throw away the old nail polishes


Simply, add few drops of acetone in the bottle, shake it and you’ll have your nails polished in this color at least 5 more times. You can also add acetone at the moment you see that the nail polish is getting a bit drier than it used to be.

7. Professional makeup brushes will last forever if you…


Wash them once a week. Of course, this trick refers only to makeup brushes made of natural materials! If your brushes are ordinary, better avoid water, but keep them stored in a drawer.

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