Makeup Ideas for Women over 50


over 50

Being over 50 does not mean that you cannot look and feel your very best at any time. As we age our faces change. Our eyes become a little droopy and our skin dries out a little bit but these issues can easily be disguised with the right makeup. All you need is some good makeup and the right technique.

Must Haves

As a lady over 50 you have to have the right makeup to really help you look your best. There are some items that you absolutely need to get the best look.

Skin brightener
A good moisturizer
Eye lift serum

over 50

There are two rules you have to remember. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and you can work with what you got. A lot of women make the mistake of thinking that because they have a few things different with their skin. You can improve on what you got.

Start with a clean palette. Clean your skin thoroughly every day but not with harsh soaps. Instead use a moisturizing cleanser. Be sure to moisturize your skin day and night. You also want to use an eye lift serum as well. In most cases it is not the makeup but what you do to your skin before the makeup.


You should also be using a skin brightener to give your skin a bit of a glow. You can make dry dull skin look brighter and healthier with a quality skin brightening cream. If you use the skin brightener you may be able to forgo the foundation.

The goal at any age is to use less makeup and still look great. Apply highlighter right above your eyebrows because it will give your eyes a lift. Add some highlighter right under your eyes. This will give your eyes a more wide open look.

Trick With Mascara

over 50

To give your eyes a fresh young look apply mascara to the outer lashes of your eyes first and work your way in using less mascara toward your inner eye. You can lengthen the outer lashes just a little more than the inner lashes to give the effect of pulling up your eye lid.

Contouring With Just Blush

You do not need an elaborate system to contour your face. Use your highlighter right under your cheek bone and blend well. Than use a light blush right on your cheek bones. This will lift your cheeks and give you a younger appearance.

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