The Disclosed Secrets of Asian Makeup


asian makeup

Beauty gurus from around the world have always been in awe when it comes to Asian makeup before and after simply because it helps to make anyone’s face seemingly flawless and absolutely stunning. There are hundreds of secrets that you can take advantage of when it comes to Asian makeup, though most of it comes from the preparation of your skin before the makeup is applied. Below are some of the most sought after Asian makeup before and after secrets.

BB Creams

The first thing that every makeup user should know is that BB creams can be a great way to either prime your face or to make sure that your face looks fresh and dewy throughout the day. A BB cream is essentially a tinted moisturizer that is very light on your skin and is responsible for evening your skin tone and reducing the appearance of any breakouts. If you’re looking for full coverage, you can apply a BB cream before your regular foundation or you can use it in the summer as a lightweight concealing foundation. BB creams first appeared in Asia far before they became popular in North America.

Brushing the Skin

asian makeup

The most important part of Asian makeup before and after is to make sure that your skin is the perfect base for any makeup that is going to be applied. By finding a soft bristled brush and gently scrubbing at the skin on your face, you will be getting rid of any extra dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are responsible for making your face look tired and dull when you really want to be vibrant and fresh.


Choosing the Right Moisturizer

Moisturizer should always be applied to the face before any makeup as it helps to nourish your skin and make sure that you are sufficiently moisturized throughout the day. Anti-aging creams seem to be the moisturizers of choice for Asian women. It is important that you find a formula that accommodates your skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.) and that also has sunscreen. This way your moisturizer will help to keep you looking young meanwhile protecting your skin from the elements.

Less in More

asian makeup

If you’ve ever been able to take a look at Asian makeup before and after photos you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like they have applied a multitude of products to their skin in order to achieve their desired look. When you are trying to emulate Asian makeup, less is always more. You can start out with a small amount of makeup and build it up until you reach your desired amount of coverage.

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