Universal Beauty And Make Up Tricks For Women



The word cosmetics comes from the Greek word for cosmos, which means “worldly.” What’s a woman without those little bottles of beauty concoctions and ointments, and colorful tubes of lipstick, all the things which help her arrange her face in the morning and attract all eyes in the evening? What is beauty? Is it the harmony between the physical well being and noble feelings? When you ask yourself this question with years, your answer will change, for beauty is something very subjective and at the same time universal. It means pleasing the eye and the soul.


Using makeup and cosmetics is an artistic aspect of human culture. We paint ourselves for various reasons: festivals, soccer games, camouflage. But mostly we do it to underline our beauty. You take care of beauty when you want to be irresistibly desired by the opposite sex. Any beauty magazine presents stars looking incredibly ugly without their make up. Many women refuse to leave the house without their artificial face. Makeup is also a way for the woman to look younger and deceive men. To women, life is better with make up.


The idea of make up originated in antiquity as a preventive measure, and then it had been discovered that makeup is very good for improving the aesthetics of faces. Prehistoric humans used to change their faces with colors tattoos and masks and they believed in their magical powers. Initially makeup was invented and used by men: priests and chiefs of tribes, who in this way showed respect to their deities. Egyptians prepared their makeup from herbs, flowers, and butters. In Rome, make up was considered an element of luxury. In the Renaissance courtesans used pollen to adorn their faces.



There are some cosmetic traditions which are the worst ideas of the millennium: like for instance “ohaguro.” – the rite of dyeing your teeth black, which was most popular in Japan until their Meiji period. During Victorian times it only befitted actresses and prostitutes to wear make up. Some women attribute their beauty to certain rituals, such as washing their face in the morning with several drops of lemon juice or drinking 4 liters of water per day.


How about if you ask men what do they think of make up? Most of them claim to prefer the natural look: “girl next door.” They think that makeup is best used subtly, to enhance the woman’s natural beauty, not cover it up. It looks best when you barely notice it. Very refined lovers will lick on your lipstick upon their lips and frown, and tell you that their colleagues will ask them if they have been with a wanton woman. However, there are occasions when you can use makeup for a striking effect. There is nothing that says “I`m a strong, sexual woman” like full lips covered in a deep shade of red beneath sultry, smoky eyes. Women`s faces are the reason they cover them with veils in the Arab countries, yet there is hardly more provocative underwear and makeup, than that of the same shy Arabians.

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