100% Effective Makeup Tips for Pale Skin


When it comes to makeup, your natural complexion shade must be the base you start with. Regardless of whether you’re trying to look more radiant in the office, or you’re looking for some original evening makeup, pale skin might become a slight problem for you. We do realize that pale skin is something too out of fashion, but never forget that there’s something quite amazing and truly aristocratic about it. We’ve gathered for you the best 100% effective makeup tips for pale skin to consider. Get started and look more attractive every day, even though Mother Nature hasn’t blessed you with wonderful fair skin!

1. Never start the makeup procedure on dirty skin!


This is a top rule for all types of facial skin. However, when it comes to your extra sensitive pale skin, you need to be even more attentive. Keep in mind that pale skin has one great advantage and one very weak point. The good news is that your pale skin will become older much later than other skin types. However, while you’ll skip the wrinkles in your early 40s, you might have problems with the purity. Pale skin is usually prone to acne, rashes and allergies. So, make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly with decent washing gel, nice lotion or other similar product.

2. Cover the small blemishes


Apply moisturizer on your pretty pale skin before applying any cosmetic product. It will enrich your skin with vitamins and will also prepare it for the ‘real’ makeup.


Then, cover the blemishes, pimps or any red spots with a proper concealer. You must choose either an equal to your complexion shade or a nuance up.


3. Foundation always goes with some blusher!


Pale skins just cannot go with a light foundation only. Even if you use the most luxurious foundation ever it’ll only make your skin look even more porcelain-like and pale.


If you want this effect, go for it bravely without any powder. But the best option for you is to apply a little bit of color on your cheeks to cheer up the mood of your makeup!

4. Put the accent on your eyes!


Pale skins have one more benefit to boast with – the paleness puts on display the amazing look of your gorgeous eyes.


They must be your accents in the makeup, so do not be scrooge with the eye shadows. Try everything – from light pink to screaming blue or green nuances.


Unlike girls with fair complexion, you can actually afford it – have more shades and more colorful makeup on your skin.


Also, never forget to add some good mascara or even false eyelashes to become even more amazing and thrilling.

5. Lips, lips and again lips!


Last, but not least, be aware with the lips! If your hair is blond, better purchase more girlish and romantic lipsticks – beige and pink.


However, pale skin and black hair go just fine with some awesome red lipstick!

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