Fast and Furious Morning Makeup Routine to Establish



Busy mornings can make us quite nervous and not focused enough to prepare our makeup for work. On the other hand, everyday makeup only sounds easier to make than the evening one. However, when you apply makeup for work you need to be aware that it should last not for several hours, but for the entire day. This makes morning makeup routine extremely important. The only way you can have it perfect and awesome everyday is to establish a fast and furious morning routine to repeat without even worrying about being late or without missing any of the rest of your morning tasks and agendas. See our tips for this makeup style and consider applying them in your own morning makeup routine as well!

1. Start with proper cleansing


No matter how late you are and how badly you have overslept, never apply makeup directly on your oily face after sleep. During the night your face got dirty – even though you didn’t even leave your bed. If you put foundation or eye makeup directly on your sleepy face the effect will not be OK at all. Moreover – the makeup won’t last long in case it’s not applied on a quite pure and cleansed facial skin.

2. Know what you need to wear everyday


Considering your individual office dress code and appearance style, you’ll have to be aware of what you can wear during the day and what you cannot. Thus, you’ll save time for wondering whether this lipstick is OK or you need to remove those eye shadows, because they are too much for your office environment.


3. Apply makeup products in the right consequence


Never start with the lips, but with the eyes. If you have acne or wrinkles to hide, continue with some concealer application. What is quite important for you to remember is that you need to put the foundation or the powder in the end. In this way you can correct your own makeup mistakes with some foundation.

4. Beware of side effects


When we are sleepy the chance to go out without any makeup or with mascara, but no color on the lips is very high. Such a side effect is definitely a thing you need to be focused on. Have in mind that the balance is the key to the natural beauty, so every single accent in your morning makeup routine is important.

5. Prefer simplicity


Sometimes, it’s just impossible to create your makeup early in the morning. But there’s nothing wrong or bad in this. On the contrary – everyday makeup is simple and classy and putting too much shades or beauty products is definitely not its thing. So, if you never have enough time to have a detailed and colorful makeup in the morning, you should better go for a classical and natural solution.

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